Northern Cases


"Traditionally the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories has held jury trials throughout the Northwest Territories in many small settlements regardless of whether or not adequate courtroom facilities are available. This practice evolved from the position taken by the first Judge of the Territorial Court, Mr. Justice Sissons, who stated as a general rule that the proper place for a trial is the place where the offence was committed. In other words, every effort was made to ensure that justice was brought to all the communities in the [t]erritories." 

 - Justice C. Tallis, R. v. Lafferty (1977)


Scott Cowan has been practicing law in Nunavut since 2010. His northern work includes the defence of a triple-homicide, the conduct of 37 circuits in 17 different Nunavut communities, the mentoring of junior lawyers at Maliganik Tukisiniarvik, and carriage of complex appeals and jury trials in Nunavut communities. He has appeared before every judge who has ever sat on the Nunavut bench.

In addition to being a full member of the Nunavut bar since 2012, Scott has been retained to provide outside opinions across both Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.