Criminal Lawyers

Cowan Law Chambers is a firm dedicated to excellence in criminal justice law. Principal and founder J. Scott Cowan has 17 years of experience representing people navigating the criminal justice system. The firm is committed to providing thoughtful, vigorous, and responsible representation of those with vital interests before the courts.

The firm has successfully represented clients charged with murder, conspiracy, sexual assault, trafficking drugs, firearms offences, driving offences, and professionals facing disciplinary action from their regulators.  


Recent Successes


R. v. M.B. 2018,

London S.C.J. Justice B. Thomas

Client acquitted of sexual assault in judge
alone trial.


R v. D.M., 2018 ONSC 476,

Client acquitted of sexual assault in judge
alone trial. 

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R. v. J.M. 2017,

Goderich S.C.J. Justice J. George

Client acquitted of assault and assault with a weapon by a jury. 


R. v J.R., 2017 ONSC 573,

Drugs excluded after search of person and truck ruled illegal.

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