R. v. M.B. 2018,

London S.C.J. Justice B. Thomas

Client acquitted of sexual assault in judge
alone trial.


R v. D.M., 2018 ONSC 476,

Client acquitted of sexual assault in judge
alone trial. 

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R. v. J.M. 2017,

Goderich S.C.J. Justice J. George

Client acquitted of assault and assault with a weapon by a jury. 


R. v J.R., 2017 ONSC 573,

Drugs excluded after search of person and truck ruled illegal.

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R. v. G.B., 2016,

Goderich O.C.J. Justice Brophy

Client acquitted of refusing roadside screening device.


R. v. R.D. 2016,

Stratford O.C.J. Justice McKerlie

All evidence excluded in unlawful vehicle stop.


R. v. J.B. 2016,

Toronto O.C.J. 

Charges of voyeurism and production of child pornography withdrawn against youth athlete who made consensual sex tape.


Nunavut Nurses Assoc. v. L.O. 2014,

Yellowknife, N.W.T. 

Misconduct charges withdrawn against Nunavut nurse.  


R. v. D.H. 2014

Walkerton O.C.J., Justice Roberts

Client acquitted of sexual assault. 


R. v. E.S. 2014

Goderich O.C.J., Justice Brophy

Client acquitted of driving while impaired by drug.



R. v. M.A.., 2014 ONSC 5268,

Client acquitted of sexual assault by a jury. 

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R. v. J.L., 2010 ONCJ 502, 

Drugs excluded after search of home found to be illegal. 

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R. v. P.K., 2011 NUCA 5, 

Sexual assault “conviction overturned on appeal, case not re-prosecuted.

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R. v. N.C., 2009 ONCA 407,

Sexual assault conviction overturned on appeal, acquitted at new trial.

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R. v. J.R., 2009 ONCA 848, 

Home invasion robbery conviction overturned on appeal.

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College of Chiropractors of Ontario v. B.A. 

Client’s licence re-instated after fraud and perjury conviction in U.S. Federal Court 


United States of America v. B.A.,

Toronto S.C.J. Justice Clark

Chiropractor sought for extradition in overbilling scheme in Pennsylvania.


R. v. Outlaws Motorcycle Club, 2009 London S.C.J. 

Seven year prosecution of members ends with all charges withdrawn against our client (see In the Media) 

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